This term is a subset of business applications and refers to software that is designed to manage, store, and retrieve data. Database software can range from simple systems for tracking customer data to complex, large-scale systems for managing all of an organization's information. They are used to create, maintain and manipulate structured data, ensuring information is organized and easily accessible.

The Report Processor

The Report Processor (TRP) is a robust utility that helps automate and batch process Crystal Reports files on Windows PowerShell. Experience full-featured, powerful, and fast report processing, designed to save you time and effort.

The Report Viewer

The Report Viewer is a modern, professional, and cost-effective software solution designed to open, refresh, and view Crystal Reports files. Trusted by businesses of all sizes and various industries worldwide, this software enables organizations in logistics, clinical research, retail, warehousing, government, and small business sectors to seamlessly view and render live reports from their existing Crystal Reports documents. By leveraging their current IP, The Report Viewer streamlines reporting processes, enabling users to make informed, data-driven decisions.