The Report Viewer

Attention: A manual installation option is now available, specifically designed for those creating images on Citrix systems. This new feature facilitates a smoother installation process and is intended to accommodate users requiring an alternative to the standard installation method. Please refer to the installation guide in the download for more details.

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The Report Viewer
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The Report Viewer is a modern, professional, and cost-effective software solution designed to open, refresh, and view Crystal Reports files. Trusted by businesses of all sizes and various industries worldwide, this software enables organizations in logistics, clinical research, retail, warehousing, government, and small business sectors to seamlessly view and render live reports from their existing Crystal Reports documents. By leveraging their current IP, The Report Viewer streamlines reporting processes, enabling users to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our clients consistently appreciate the high-quality performance, fast processing, and budget-friendly pricing, making The Report Viewer an essential tool for their operations. As a truly global reporting solution, The Report Viewer empowers businesses across the world to achieve success.

Feature List
Opens, View, Refresh, Export, and Email Crystal Reports Files
Ribbon UI to Match Current Versions of Office
Control Access to Reports with Fully Customizable UI, Shared Bookmarks, and Security Features
With Proper Setup, It Will Connect and Refresh to Any Data Source Support by Crystal Reports
Can pass database credentials (username and password) to the database automatically to suppress prompts
File Size
200 MB
Memory Requirements
1 GB
Operating System
Windows, Win10, Win11, WinServer
Processor Requirements
x86, x86-64, x64
Storage Requirements
1 GB
Software Requirements
.Net Framework 4.7.2
Crystal Reports Redistributable
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