The Report Viewer

A document processed by the JRC engine cannot be opened in the C++ stack.

Load report failed. Unsupported Operation. A document processed by the JRC engine cannot be opened in the C++ stack.

Most Common Issue

If the report is open in the full version of Crystal Reports, then close the report in the designer. Setup two folders for reports; one for editing, and one for users to view. The designer will lock the report where it can't be opened our software.

Reported Issues and Solutions

Welcome to our evolving guide which aims to address some of the reported issues associated with our software and their potential solutions. In the complex environment of B2B software, challenges occasionally surface. Our goal with this resource is to acknowledge these occurrences and provide a platform for their resolution.

Keep in mind, if you come across an issue, it's quite likely others have faced it too. Sharing and solving these issues together strengthens our user community and improves the overall experience with our software.

User Question: Failed to Open the Connection

I'm evaluating this product, and I came across an issues. When I tried to load my report, there is a message box that says, "Crystal Reports Windows Forms Viewer," and it displays the message, "failed to open the connection." What am I doing wrong. I like the product interface, and the price is good compared to a full install of Crystal Reports. Please help me with this.
This is a message from the Crystal Reports component saying that it can not connect to the database or data source for the report. To resolve, you must first know what database the report accesses...

Solution: Failed To Open The Connection with The Report Viewer (TRV)

Solution: Failed To Open The Connection with The Report Viewer (TRV)

Connecting The Report Viewer (TRV) to your database effectively can sometimes be a challenge. This document serves to simplify the process, combining steps from multiple sources into one comprehensive guide. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Setting up The Report Viewer with ODBC Data Source

The Report Viewer (TRV) now allows connection with both x86 and x64 ODBC Data Sources. Remember, the database drivers and the version of TRV installed must be compatible. Additionally, the database driver must be named exactly as it is on the system that creates the reports. The following simplified instructions will guide you through the setup process:

Embedded Connection Settings

When the connection settings are already integrated into your report, follow these steps:

The Report Viewer Documentation

Welcome to the comprehensive online documentation for The Report Viewer (TRV), a powerful tool that helps you manage, view, and interact with your reports seamlessly. This guide will walk you through each feature of the software, providing step-by-step instructions and tips for maximizing your use of TRV.

Whether you're new to TRV or an experienced user, this documentation aims to enhance your understanding of the software and streamline your reporting processes.