This term refers to software applications that are typically used within a business environment. These applications are designed to facilitate various business-related activities such as project management, customer relationship management, inventory control, and more. Business applications are often robust, multi-user systems that can be integrated with other systems in a business setting.

The Report Viewer

The Report Viewer是一款现代、专业、高效的软件解决方案,旨在打开、刷新和查看Crystal Reports文件。全球各种规模和行业的企业信赖此软件,该软件使物流、临床研究、零售、仓储、政府和小型企业部门的组织能够无缝查看和呈现其现有的Crystal Reports文档的实时报告。通过利用他们当前的IP,The Report Viewer简化了报告流程,使用户能够做出基于数据的决策。我们的客户一直欣赏其高质量的性能、快速的处理以及经济实惠的价格,这使得The Report Viewer成为他们运营的必备工具。作为一个真正全球的报告解决方案,The Report Viewer赋予全世界的企业成功的能力。