Task Three: Configuring the Client to Connect to the License Server

You install the trail software from our website on the client PCs. You do not need another version of the software.

There are two ways to configure the client PCs users to connect to license server:

  1. Specify the location of the license server (preferred)
  2. Automatic server discovery

Option One: Specify Server Location

To specify a license server location on a client PC, add the following environment variable to the client system:


Option Two: Automatic server discovery

To use automatic server discovery, set Windows Environment variable to the client system:

Quickly Adding Environment Variables

Use the setx command to quickly set environment variables from the Windows command line.

Generally you need to reboot after adding a environment variable. Here's one way to reboot.

  • shutdown /r /c “Going down for reboot!” /t 120 /force

Output while setting the environment variable.

Example of using set and setx before a reboot.

Expected output after a reboot.

Example of using set and setx after a reboot.

You can put both of those commands together in a .bat file.

A batch script for setting environment variables.

Follow the link below to see other command line options available in your license server: