User Defined Parameters?

Is this report viewer capable of allowing end-users to change report parameters and get refreshed data if I am running Crystal 2011? It seems that I am only able to open reports with saved data, and if I try to change the parameter in the viewer and refresh, it goes right back to the parameter that was in the file when it was saved in Crystal. It looks like it is allowing me to change the parameter, but the report data never reflects the change.

You should be able to refresh the report.

The dynamic parameters feature allows you to change the parameters without refreshing the data. It's so you don't have to reload against the database simply to refresh the report data. It's good for reports with lots of data; reports that take a long time to load. So, you would refresh the report with the widest parameters, and then you would filter it using the parameter panel.

But, to be sure you have current data, refresh the report. Do you have connection problems when you try to refresh your reports?

Also, did you install this on a computer with Crystal 2008 installed?

Let me know if you have more questions.