I am able to login to this website but I am unable to login to the software on my desktop. I was previously using it on a server but am now trying to use it on my desktop.

What kind of login are you being prompted for? Is it a database connection login when you try to refresh the report, or are you having problems with activating the software?

If you have purchased the software and can not activate the software, email us your order number, along with the serial number that displays when you start the software.

If you are getting prompted for a username and password when you try to refresh the report, it's likely that your system is not yet configured to access the database referenced in the report. That, or it is not yet configured correctly.

This link will give you some ideas on how to set up your computer to be able to refresh your report files:


In general, you need to set up your PC the same way as the PC that created the report.

So, if the report was created referencing an ODBC Data Source Name of "SalesData," then your computer needs to have a working 32-bit ODBC driver with the Data Source Name as "SalesData."

In general, you want to use the connections embedded in the report. You do not want to try to override the connections until you get the embedded connections working.

You note, that you need to close the report and reopen it every time you try to change the data source connections. They are only applied when the report is opened.

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Let me know if you get it working. If not, send more details of the type of database the report uses. Also ask the person that created the report for you to help you setup your computer to access the reports datasources.

i cannot find any instructions on how to use this program - i am totally unable to locate or use the USER PREFERENCES page... please tell me some place i can go to actually get some help.

In The Report Viewer Pro, you find the user preferences by pressing the main button on the ribbon tool bar. The main button has a blue background and a folder on it. When you click on that, there's a drop down with more options.