Retrieving data from two tables

Hi all experts,

I am new to Crystal Report and have a difficulty to retrieve data.
I have two tables, A and B, and they have a one-to-many relationship. Now I would like to display all record from table A and then display a particular single entry from table B based on a field of "date". To be exact, it should be the most up-to-date one relative to current date. Moreover, before making the grouping at table B, it should be filtered some data rows based on a field criteria.

I tried linking the two tables at raw but cannot call for the exact row of data from table B. It turns out that all rows from table B are retrieved.
If I created a SQL expression that looks for MAX(date) from table B, it makes worse as error message alerts me that the grouping is wrong.
Any idea to achieve ? Thanks a lot!!!!



You might try linking from table B to table A with a left join, and do the filtering with the select expert.