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  • Activating a Citrix Server or Terminal Server License (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    To activate a server license, use the LicenseActivator.exe software. That software is bundled with The Report Viewer. LicenseActivator.exe... more
  • Overriding the Data Source Connection inside The Report Viewer (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    You may need to connect a report to a data source that is similar in content and structure to the data source referenced in the report, but... more
  • Tips and Tricks (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    Here are some brief notes to help you get started. Connecting to Databases The software literally embeds the SAP Crystal Reports runtime,... more
  • Email with Gmail and Google Apps for your Domain (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    To set the program to email with Gmail or Google Apps for Your Domain, use the settings as in the example below. For Google Apps for Your... more
  • License Activation (Updated 2 years 7 months ago)
    These documents outline how to activate your software.
  • Invoke-TRProcessor (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    Invoke-TRProcessor Synopsis Use to "run" reports. One command to open, refresh, and export a report. Syntax Invoke-TRProcessor [[-... more
  • Can I install on a computer that has Crystal Reports installed? (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    Current versions of the software can be installed on a computer that already has Crystal Reports installed. The reporting components are... more
  • The Report Viewer Feature List (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    The Report Viewer Overview The Report Viewer is software for businesses that use SAP Crystal Reports. The full SAP Crystal Reports install... more
  • The Report Viewer Security Features (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    Here are some of the ways that The Report Viewer helps you control access to your information. Supports Creation and Rendering of the .RPTR... more
  • The Report Viewer Overview (Updated 2 years 10 months ago)
    What is The Report Viewer? The Report Viewer is the easiest and fastest way for your employees to open and view live data from your... more