User-Node Locked Licenses 2022-08-25
We are no longer providing PC, user, or floating licenses. Because of that, the information in this document no longer applies. You may... more
Refund Policy 2016-04-25
Request Help With Activation Before Seeking a Refund Floating License Setup is generally done by a system administrator. PC... more
Activating a Floating Licenses 2016-05-10
Overview Setup for floating licenses or concurrent user licenses is grouped into three different steps: Installing the license server... more
License Activation 2016-05-10
These documents outline how to activate your software.
Task Three: Configuring the Client to Connect to the License... 2018-07-10
You install the trail software from our website on the client PCs. You do not need another version of the software. There are two ways... more
Task Two: Activating the License on the License Server 2016-02-08
IMPORTANT - Virtual Machine Users Read HereIf you are running the license server on a virtual machine, contact us before you activate the... more
Task One: Installing the License Server Software 2019-02-28
Installing the license server can be grouped into a few different steps: Acquire the license server software Install the license... more
Activating a Node-Locked License 2016-05-10
Activation To activate a node-locked license, use the LicenseActivator.exe software. That software is bundled with The Report Viewer.... more
Activating a License 2016-02-08
Local Licenses Local licenses include node-locked licenses and user-node-locked licenses. The easiest way to activate the software is... more
Choosing a Type of License 2020-01-22
So Much to Choose From We offer many types of licenses; each has differ terms available. This can cause some confusion. So, which... more