Starting The Report Viewer from the Command Line 2019-08-22
With the Appx bundle, or the MSIX install, the software is containerized or sandboxed. This has prompted customers to ask how to start the... more
User-Node Locked Licenses 2022-08-25
We are no longer providing PC, user, or floating licenses. Because of that, the information in this document no longer applies. You may... more
Installing a The Report Viewer Appxbundle on Citrix 2019-02-27
These steps will outline what you need to get and need to know to setup an Appxbundle on Citrix. The links here are to The Report Viewer... more
Refund Policy 2016-04-25
Request Help With Activation Before Seeking a Refund Floating License Setup is generally done by a system administrator. PC... more
How Do You Get Rid of the Password Prompt? 2019-03-19
Removing Constant Password Prompt If everything is working correctly, but the software forces your user to enter a username and password... more
Shortcut Keys 2020-12-02
The Report Viewer (WPF) includes the following shortcut keys: Ctrl-O Open Ctrl-S Save Ctrl-R Refresh... more
Tips and Tricks 2019-10-04
Here are some brief notes to help you get started. Connecting to Databases The software literally embeds... more
Can I install on a computer that has Crystal Reports install... 2019-10-04
Can The Report Viewer be installed along side other software that uses the Crystal runtime? Current versions of the software, deployed... more
Frequently Asked Questions 2019-10-04
Make sure to view our tips-and-tricks page.
Special Fonts 2019-10-04
Issue There are two symptoms related to fonts that you may get. That is, your special fonts may not display correctly. This is a common... more