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Refund Policy 2016-04-25
Request Help With Activation Before Seeking a Refund Floating License Setup is generally done by a system administrator. PC... more
Shortcut Keys 2016-02-08
The Report Viewer (WPF) includes the following shortcut keys: Ctrl-O Open Ctrl-S Save Ctrl-R Refresh... more
Tips and Tricks 2016-02-08
Here are some brief notes to help you get started. Connecting to Databases The software literally embeds... more
Can I install on a computer that has Crystal Reports install... 2016-02-08
Current versions of the software can be installed on a computer that already has Crystal Reports installed. The reporting components are... more
Frequently Asked Questions 2016-02-08
This is a list of frequently asked questions. Also make sure to view our tips-and-tricks page.
Special Fonts 2016-02-08
Issue There are two symptoms related to fonts that you may get. That is, your special fonts may not display correctly. This is a common... more
How long will it take my order to process? 2016-02-08
While most orders for The Report Viewer are processed immediately, some orders may take 24 to 48 hours to verify and process. Please... more
How do I license the software? 2016-02-08
You may license our software by visiting the our online store. It provides a secure checkout system from a trusted third party. You may... more