Windows PowerShell

Using The Report Processor for Windows PowerShell - A Walk-T... 2016-02-08
Overview The Report Processor is a Windows PowerShell utility that allows you to process SAP Crystal Reports files. This overview will... more
What is The Report Processor 2019-03-20
What is The Report Processor The Report Processor is a tool that allows you to batch process your companies SAP Crystal Reports. The... more
Set-TRExport 2016-02-08
Set-TRExport Synopsis Used to set the export format of the report job. Syntax Set-TRExport [<CommonParameters>] Set-TRExport... more
Set-TRConnection 2016-02-08
Set-TRConnection Synopsis Used to override the database connection that is embedded inside a report file. Syntax Set-TRConnection [-... more
Invoke-TRProcessor 2016-02-08
Invoke-TRProcessor Synopsis Use to "run" reports. One command to open, refresh, and export a report. Syntax Invoke-... more