Testing The Report Viewer

This post is for the fine people on the Microsoft Store certification team.

This software is used by businesses to view and refresh reports designed for SAP Crystal Reports.

To test, you will need to do the following:

  1. acquire sample reports
  2. configure the database driver for the sample database
  3. inside the application, point the app to the sample database driver
  4. open a report
  5. refresh the report

Aquire Sample Reports
Download the sample reports from this location.

Configure the Database Driver
The current release of the software is a x86 build, so you will use the 32bit ODBC administrator to create the database driver.

The sample database is bundled with the sample reports. It's a Microsoft Access file (though the software supports virtual any database except... current store release does not support xml datasources because of a dependency on Java).

The sample database is at the following path: .\cr_xi_xtreme_rep_smpl_en\en\Samples\Databases\xtreme.mdb

If you configure the Data Source Name (DSN) as "Xtreme Sample Database 11.5" you will not need to override the database connection inside The Report Viewer. This is because the sample reports are already configured to point to the data source with the name "Xtreme Sample Database 11.5"

Store Setup Image 1

Store Setup Image 2

Set the Application to Use the Database Driver
If you configure the Data Source Name (DSN) in the 32bit ODBC driver administrator as "Xtreme Sample Database 11.5" then you can skip this step.

Inside The Report Viewer, on the ribbon tab named "Database," use the connection editor to create a new database connection.

Add a nickname to the connection.

Set both the "server" and "database" field to whatever Data Source Name (DSN) you named the database connection that is pointing to "xtreme.mdb."

See the below image for details. View this post for more details on setting up ODBC database connections.

Check the combo box that says "override all connections in report."

Select your data source override as the active "database connection."

Store Setup Image 3

Open a Report
Use the ribbon menus "open" command to open a file dialog, allowing you to browse to the sample reports. Choose a report to open.

Store Setup Image 4

Refresh the Report
Use the refresh button to reload the data inside the report.