The Report Viewer Security Features

Here are some of the ways that The Report Viewer helps you control access to your information.

Supports Creation and Rendering of the .RPTR Encrypted File Format to Protect You IP

Some people ask, but the software can not allow you to edit the RPTR file.

The new .RPTR format is the preferred way to distribute your SAP Crystal Reports (.RPT) files.

Use The Report Viewer to export your reports to the new .RPTR file format. This will encrypt your report design, so that you can distribute your report files without losing your intellectual property.

Customize Control Access

Every control on The Report Viewer as the ability to be enabled and disabled. Use the preferences window to enable or disable unwanted or unneeded controls.

Locking the controls gives you the ability to restrict access to only the reports that you want the user to see.

The Report Viewer user preferences window.

Restrict Program Access and User Control Access

On the security tab, you have the ability to restrict access to the user preferences, or to password protect the application launch.

The Report Viewer Pro security preferences window.