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Report Designer Software

Get SAP Crystal Reports from for your power users, creative designers, programmers, and trusted employees.

Report Viewer Software

Get The Report Viewer Pro from for all other end users, non-technical users, executives, managers, and restricted users.

Design Reports with SAP Crystal Reports

To start, design reports with SAP Crystal Reports. SAP Crystal Reports will allow you to connect to most any data source, and build reports against these datasources.

You may already have existing reports. You can also use those.

Install The Report Viewer Pro

Licensing Options
  • Individual User
  • Individual Server
  • Individual Site

All versions will work on Windows XP or better.

TRV Pro is recommended for use on Windows 7 or better.

Connecting the Data Source

For the computers with The Report Viewer installed on it, you should setup the data sources the same exact way you would set them on up on the computers with SAP Crystal Reports. This means you use the same names or DSNs, the same drivers. Make sure you setup everything the exact same way or this will fail. Your best bet is to let the person who installs and configures the datasources for SAP Crystal Reports setup and configure this software, because it’s the same exact process.

Find the Right Person In Your Organization To Setup and Configure The Data Sources For The Report Viewer. This should be the SAME PERSON who installs and configures the data sources for SAP Crystal Reports.

Contact Us

Email when you need a fix.

Share Your Reports

Design reports using SAP Crystal Reports.

Control which reports the end users see using The Report Viewer Pro’s “bookmark” manager.

Configure The Viewer

These Controls (shows image) Can Be Removed Using These Options (shows another option).

This is the bookmark viewer. (shows image)

By storing the bookmarks file on a file server, all users can share bookmark list, and an administrator can control what reports end users can access. (shows image of generic file server)

Now What

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