Tips and Tricks

Here are some brief notes to help you get started.

  • Connecting to Databases
    • The software literally embeds the SAP Crystal Reports runtime, so the steps to setup a PC to connect to the database, are the same as setting it up on a computer with a full install of Crystal Reports.
      • You must install all needed drivers. These drivers must be compatible with the Crystal runtime embedded in the version of The Report Viewer that you are using.
      • If using ODBC, you must setup with the same exact DSN referenced in the report.
    • Read this document to learn how to configure an ODBC database. It gives step-by-step directions. Use the same principals to connect to your other databases.
    • We generally only distribute 32 bit versions of the software, so make sure you are using a 32 bit database driver. The software works fine on Windows x64 systems, but you still need to use 32 bit database drivers.
  • Embed Runtime Versions
    • TRV currently uses Crystal Runtime 13 WPF Viewer
  • Fonts
    • Barcode fonts may not be installed with the viewer. If you see text that looks like an unencoded barcode surrounded by asterisks, then the viewer is likely rendering the report without the needed barcode font.
    • Common problem with barcode fonts that they are not in TTF format. If you get blocks instead of barcodes, makes sure your fonts are in TTF format.
    • TRV won't work with 16 bit fonts. Must use TRV5, TRV4, or TRV3 (any Winforms version) for legacy fonts.
  • Advanced Features
  • Ask for Help
    • We have gotten thousands of customers up and running successfully. If you have having trouble, and you can't find the answer, you have likely run into one of the many gotchas that exist in choosing the proper version and setting up the database connection. While we can't setup your database connection for you, and we can't solve all your enterprise issues, we will be able to point you in the right direction.
    • Use the contact form or support forum for help.