Shortcut Keys Inside The Report Viewer

Here's a list of shortcut keys that the current version of The Report Viewer (v8.47.520.0) accepts.

DEL                                                Automation Stop

F11                                                Full Screen
F5                                                 Full Screen
Escape                                             Full Screen Exit

D                                                  Tab Right Drill Down
A                                                  Tab Left Drill Down
W                                                  Close Drill Down

Ctrl R                                             Refresh
Ctrl P                                             Print
Ctrl C                                             Copy
Ctrl T                                             Toggle Side Panel
Ctrl F                                             Find
Ctrl O                                             Open
Ctrl S                                             Save
Right                                              Next Page
Left                                               Previous Page
Oem Close Brackets                                 Next Page
Oem Open Brackets                                  Previous Page
Down                                               First Page
Up                                                 Last Page