Record Selection Formula Editor

You can choose to view and modify the record selection formula, or to run the report with the formula that is embedded in the report. If you don't use the record selection and there is a record selection formula embedded in the report, that will still run. If you choose to use them, the existing formula is auto loaded for you.

One of the best features of The Report Viewer is that it will load all the table and field names that the report has access to. This makes writing formulas much easier.

You will need to know how to write the record selection formulas, but if you do already know how to, you will find this program to be a big help. It auto loads the table and field names for you, so writing formulas is easy. It also gives you common Boolean expressions used in these formulas. And, it gives you an area to finish the expression. Note, this is an advanced feature, which may require advanced skills to use. We try to make it easier, but the formulas do not write themselves, though they are auto loaded for you.