Managing Reports

The Control tab on the Report Viewer software allows easy access to all of your reports.

It offers a list view of all the reports, which can be sorted by the report name, the file path, the file size, or the report that was last accessed.

It also offers a tree view of the reports. The tree view allows you to add groups or directories to help organize the reports. When you add a report into the tree view, you get the option of creating a nickname for the report. The reports, and the groups or directories, are sorted in alphabetical order.

You can add the reports to the list in two different ways. You can scan a directory for reports and you can add the report files one at a time. You can also clear the list all at once, or remove reports from the list, one at a time. To open a selected report, you can double click on the report you would like to view, choose the View Report button, or chose the View Formula button. You can also use the combo box at the top of the report viewer to select a report you would like to view, while you have another tab open. There are two buttons next to the combo box. One is to view reports, and the other is to view the formula before opening the report.