Unknown Software Exception (0xe06d7363) Occurred on Exit

After viewing a report with an XML data source on a remote web server, you close the Report Viewer application and get the message "the exception unknown software exception (0xe06d7363) occurred in the application."

This error does not cause any harm or data loss. Business Objects, the creator of Crystal Reports knows about this error, and it is to be fixed.

The problem is the Crystal Reports viewer form for Windows doesn't have a graceful way to close http or Internet data connections, so Windows closes the connection when the form closes, and throws this message. It is not something that ReportViewer.biz can change. Business Objects knows of this problem, and they say they are working to fix it. You can work around this problem, as no harm is being done to the system, and no connections are being left open. If it is an annoyance, then please contact Business Objects and ask them to quickly fix this problem.

Again, we suggest that you just live with this message for the time being.

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