Command Line Options

In version 4.5 or better of The Report Viewer, you can send a report to the software using the command line. You can also send parameters and a connection nickname.

Here is example usage:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Report Viewer Limited\The Report Viewer\reportviewer.exe"
    "C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\Samples\feature_smpl\Interactive Parameters.rpt"
"Order Dates=6/2/2004;6/30/2004&Highlighting=1690&Order Details=1690;1691;1692;1693;1694;1695"

All of this would have to be passed as the same command.

This first part is the path to The Report Viewer software. The second option is the path to the report file. The third option is the parameters that are passed to the software.

The parameters are separated an ampersand. The name of the parameter and the value is separated by an equal sign. If there are ranges or list of parameters, they are separated by a semicolon.

In the example above, the first parameter, order dates, is a range.

    "Order Dates=6/2/2004;6/30/2004"

The second value, highlighting is a discrete value.


Order details , the third parameter, allows multiple values.

    "Order Details=1690;1691;1692;1693;1694;1695"