User-Node Locked Licenses

We are no longer providing PC, user, or floating licenses. Because of that, the information in this document no longer applies.

You may acquire enterprise, or companywide, licenses from us.

Contact us with questions.

Previous information is below...

With your order, you will get a license key, that is between sixteen and twenty characters longs. Keep that key, as it will allow you to recover your licenses in the future.
  1. Download LicenseActivator.exe to generate the license.
  2. Run LicenseActivator.exe, and enter your license code.
    • The license (.lic file) will be created and placed in the directory that LicenseActivator.exe is run from.
    • Once the license is generated, you may download or recover it from the X-Formation website.
  3. Put the license file (.lic) somewhere that the software can find it.
    1. The Report Viewer looks for licenses in the following directories:
      • %AppData%\Report Viewer Limited\License
      • %AppData%\Report Viewer Limited
      • %AppData%
      • MyDocuments
      • Desktop
      • Personal
    2. Alternatively, set an environment variable to point to the license
      • From the command line (cmd.exe) run SETX REPORTVIEWER_LICENSE_PATH "C:\Path\to your\license\file.lic"
      • You can also set this using the graphical user interface at Windows -> System -> Advanced Settings. This may require a log-off/log-on sequence.

Common Issues

LicenseActivator.exe Missing Prerequisites

X-Formation License Activator: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) is not installed. Please install it.Note: This error message is misleading. The software isn't compiled against Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.
If LicenseActivator.exe gives you a message about missing prerequisites, download this archive, extract the files, and run the version of LicenseActivator.exe from the extracted files. The archive includes the proper prerequisites bundled next to the LicenseActivator.