Installing a The Report Viewer Appxbundle on Citrix

These steps will outline what you need to get and need to know to setup an Appxbundle on Citrix. The links here are to The Report Viewer version 8.29.454.0; there may be a newer version available by the time you read this document.

  1. Read this document about setting up an Appxbundle on Citrix.
  2. Read this document from Microsoft on Sideloading Appx Files.
  3. The Report Viewer depends on Visual C++ 14.0. You can download it from here. If it's already on your system, then this version won't install.
  4. Your system may be setup to require you to install our developer certificate before you can install our software. Download our developer certificate it.
  5. Get The Report Viewer's Appx Bundle.