Can I install on a computer that has Crystal Reports installed?

Can The Report Viewer be installed along side other software that uses the Crystal runtime?

Current versions of the software, deployed in an APPX or MSIX package, can be installed on a computer that already has Crystal Reports installed. The reporting components are sandboxed such that they will not conflict with your install of Crystal Reports.

These modern package formats offer a "no regrets" install experience. They install cleanly, and they can be uninstalled cleanly. The software runs in a container, isolated from the rest of the system, so you don't get conflicts with other software that uses the same components. Use our APPX or MSIX installs without worry of dependency conflicts or DLL stomping.

If you have the same major version of SAP Crystal Reports installed as our software uses, then you may run into conflicts.

For example, The Report Viewer uses the Crystal 2008 SP 3 runtime. If you install The Report Viewer on a computer with Crystal XI, everything will work fine. If you install it on a computer with Crystal 2008 SP 3, everything will work fine. But, if you install it on a computer with Crystal 2008 SP 1, then you will run into problems.