Assistance Overriding Report Connections

Connection Override Properties


  • If you are using an x86 version of The Report Viewer, you must used 32-bit database drivers.
  • If you are using an x64 version of The Report Viewer, you must used 64-bit database drivers.
  • Try to override the report using the same type of database driver that the report was designed with. If the report was designed with an ODBC database driver using a specific DSN, then an ODBC database driver on the client system with that specific DSN (case sensitive).
  • If you get a "vendor database error" with an error code, that is an error message from your database. The connection is connecting to your database, but the database is returning an error code. You can generally search these online to get the full error message. Generally it's an over secure database preventing access to a new user, or that new users IP address.
Connection Type Used When Designing the Report Server Name Database Name
ODBC The DSN Name The database name or in some cases blank
SQL Server The server name The database name
MS Access Blank or empty The full database path; must be accessible by client system.

Here are some documents on overriding the connection settings inside The Report Viewer: