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Solving Connection Issues in The Report Viewer: "Failed to open the connection."


Ever get a "failed to connect" message. This will hopefully help you get it sorted out.

Activating a License

Local Licenses
Local licenses include node-locked licenses and user-node-locked licenses.

The easiest way to activate the software is to use the License Activator that is bundled with The Report Viewer. Read the documentation on activation with License Activator.

Read this information to activate the software online.

Choosing a Type of License

So Much to Choose From

We offer many types of licenses; each has differ terms available. This can cause some confusion. So, which license is right for your company or situation?

Why Use The Report Viewer

There are many reasons to use The Report Viewer in your office:

Our Customers

Our customers find value in our product offerings. Through a mix of quality software and effective pricing, our customers are able to run distribution centers, government agencies, hospitals, and enterprises large and small. The Report Viewer 2015 is a ubiquitous reporting solution. Our customers discern The Report Viewer 2015 to be one of their most essential products.

Here are just a few of the industries that use our products:


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