What is The Report Processor

What is The Report Processor

The Report Processor is a tool that allows you to batch process your companies SAP Crystal Reports. The Report Processor is designed for Windows PowerShell, .Net 4.0, and your .RPT and RPTR files.

It includes command generator software to show you how to write the commands to process reports.

This document details the setup and usage of the software.

The Report Processor adds a few commands to your Windows PowerShell:

  • Invoke-TRProcessor
  • Set-TRExport
  • Set-TRConnection

Windows PowerShell?

Windows PowerShell is the perfered tool for automation in Microsoft Windows OSs.

Basic Overview of The Report Processor Commands

The command Invoke-TRProcessor opens, refreshes, and exports the report to a file. It has all the expected options. To configure its behavior, it accepts the results of the optional commands Set-TRExport and Set-TRConnection.

You can use the included command generator software to help you write the PowerShell commands needed to process your reports.

The scripts and commands can be automated using Windows Task Scheduler. This is obviously the preferred way to automate stuff in Windows.

Download The Report Processor now, read the documentation, and give it a try.