Details: The Report Viewer in the Microsoft Store


We are no longer listing The Report Viewer in the Microsoft Store.


The Report Viewer is now available inside the Microsoft Store and the Microsoft Store for Business.

Since it's introduction in 2015, the Microsoft Store, formally the Microsoft Windows Store, received its fair share of criticism. It launched with a limited number of applications, mostly geared specifically for Windows 10 and Windows Mobile. Many technology administrators would advocate uninstalling the Microsoft Store from PCs. And, there were many reasons for this.

Recently, Microsoft made many changes, making the store much more compelling for business users.

  • The Microsoft Store now allows vendors to submit, and also host, desktop software bundled into Appx packages (and soon MSIX packages).
    • These bundles provide a clean way to add and remove software.
    • They do not allow software installers to pollute your system with application files and registry edits.
    • These new packages provide a uniform and predictable experience.
    • These packages prevent applications from conflicting with other software.
  • They allow business administrators to manage the software licensing.
    • Buyers can now purchase licenses from the Microsoft Store for Business, and distribute those licenses to their own private store, which allows users to choose which license they need
    • Administrators can assign software licenses to specific users.
    • Companies can recover unused licenses to provide to a different user.
  • The Microsoft Store for individual users, as opposed to the one for business users, offers flexible licensing for individuals who choose to acquire products on their own.

It is primarily businesses that utilize our software. This short video from Microsoft demonstrates the licensing options available for businesses purchasing software for their users.

This document provides an overview of the Microsoft Store for Business and Education. It should only take two minutes to read.

Here you can find The Report Viewer inside the Microsoft Store for your individual account. If you are acquiring software for your business, use this link to get to the Microsoft Store for Business.