Activating a License

Local Licenses
Local licenses include node-locked licenses and user-node-locked licenses.

The easiest way to activate the software is to use the License Activator that is bundled with The Report Viewer. Read the documentation on activation with License Activator.

Read this information to activate the software online.

Read this information to activate the software using email.

Network Licenses
Network licenses include floating licenses and concurrent licenses.

To activate using network licenses, install the licensing server on a non-virtualized system. These are the directions to install the license server.

By default, end user license tools installer and the liblmxvendor.dll is located in the following location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Report Viewer Limited\The Report Viewer 2015\licensing

Automatic Server Discovery
In the standard version of The Report Viewer, auto discovery of the licensing server is disabled by default. In the server build, auto discovery is enabled by default. Read more about auto-discovery here. Enable auto discovery by setting the environment variable LMX_AUTOMATIC_SERVER_DISCOVERY equal to 1.

Entitlement Log
In version 8.0.2 and later, as the software verifies entitlements, a log is created. This will help you understand and resolve any issues that occur.

Common Activation Issues

  • It's common to activate using RDP or some other remote connection. Local, node-locked, licenses are restricted from being used over RDP. You can activate this way, but you can not verify the activation that way. The entitlement log will show terminal server deny. The software may fall back to trial mode. You will have to run the software from a physical machine.
  • Floating licenses can be used used over RDP, but they are still locked to or tied to a physical machine. You install the license server on a physical and non-virtualized PC. Then, virtual systems can checkout the software.