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What is The Report Processor

The Report Processor is a tool that allows you to batch process your companies SAP Crystal Reports. With The Report Processor is designed for Windows PowerShell, .Net 4.0, and your .RPT and RPTR files.

What is The Report Viewer

The Report Viewer is a tool that allows your employees to utilize your companies SAP Crystal Reports documents. With The Report Viewer, users may open, view, manage, run, refresh, print, email, and export their Crystal Reports .RPT and RPTR files.

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Recently, we created a twitter account; you can follow us for updates and news.

We also updated The Report Viewer Pro and The Report Viewer Classic. Both are now using the latest version of the Crystal Reports runtime, version 13, service pack 20.

Direct Download for TRV Pro

SAP Analytics Extensions

Logo: SAP Analytics Extensions DirectoryWe wanted to share with you the SAP Analytics Extension Directory. There you will find the absolute best Crystal Reports Viewer software ever, along with many other useful tools.

Activation Issue: Unable to Obtain Single Usage-Lock on PC Licenses

If you purchased a license in January, you may encounter the message, "Unable to Obtain Single Usage-Lock on PC Licenses." If this happens, there is an error in your licenses file, and it will have to be reissued. Contact us with your activation code, and we will deactivate the old license and reissue the new license for you.


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