The Report Viewer: Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

The Report Viewer is trusted by businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of industries, to view and render live reports from their existing Crystal Reports documents. By allowing them to continue using their existing IP, The Report Viewer helps organizations in logistics, clinical research, retail, warehousing, government, and small business streamline their reporting processes and make informed decisions. Our customers have consistently found value in our high-quality software and cost-effective pricing, making The Report Viewer a crucial tool in their operations.

Activation Issue: Unable to Obtain Single Usage-Lock on PC Licenses

If you purchased a license in January, you may encounter the message, "Unable to Obtain Single Usage-Lock on PC Licenses." If this happens, there is an error in your licenses file, and it will have to be reissued. Contact us with your activation code, and we will deactivate the old license and reissue the new license for you.


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