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Software Licensing Options

Licensing Options

Select features that you require in licensing to see the approprate choices.

Node-locked licenses include PC licenses, Virtual Machine, and user-node locked licenses. They are for one user at a time on the licensed PC or virtual machine image. They allow one user to access the software at a time.

RDP and terminal server is disabled on PC and Virtual Machine licenses. RDP and terminal server can be enabled on user-node-locked licenses.

Separate licenses must be purchased for remote computers. Contact us with questions.

Personal Computer License

Virtual Machine License

A network license, shared license, or concurrent user license is a license that can authorize usage of an application for users on a network. Network licenses are generally shareable. Because of this, they provide a better value.

Network licenses require the setup and use of License Server software to manage the sharing of the licenses. This requires some technical experience.

Concurrent Users

Enterprise license for your company. All users at your organization for one price.