The Report Viewer: View, Refresh, & Manage Crystal Reports

What is The Report Viewer Pro?

The Report Viewer Pro is a general purpose, professional grade, Crystal Reports viewer for businesses of all sizes. This is a complete .RPT file viewer. The Report Viewer Pro allows users to open, view, manage, run, refresh, print, email, and export their Crystal Reports .RPT and RPTR files.

But, it's more than that. The software provides a fully customized user experience, with the ability to securely enable and disable all of the products controls.

Why Use The Report Viewer Pro?

The Report Viewer Pro, when paired with SAP Crystal Reports, provides for a complete and affordable reporting solution. Build reports using SAP Crystal Reports, and distribute them to end users with The Report Viewer. When properly configured, your users will be able to refresh the data and view updated reports, while accessing the features you chose.

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Open and View Reports

The Report Viewer Pro allows your users to open and view an RPT and RPTR file created with a modern version of SAP Crystal Reports. If you use legacy versions of Crystal Reports, it's likely that we have a product for you.

Refresh Reports

Once your database settings are configured, you are able to use the product to refresh your report files.


The Report Viewer Pro will allow you to use a standard printer to print your report documents.


You can export your report files to many different formats, including XLSX and XLS for Excel, PDF, DOC for Word, RPTR the read-only report format, CSV, and many more.


You can use the software to email your reports using SMTP or MAPI.

Fully Customizable Interface

Any control in The Report Viewer can be enabled and disabled allowing a wide range of display options.

Security Features

The launch of the software may be password protected. The user interface is also very flexible, and may be password protected. If you want to only allow access to a predefined set of reports, TRV can be configured to limited your users access. Passwords may be saved inside the viewer so that they are not distributed to end users.

Report Manager

Use the drag and drop interface to manage your reports location. Using the bookmark editor, you can store bookmarks, for quick access to your reports. Reports can be managed by the end users, or by one central manager.

Connection Manager

If you often run the same report against different databases, you can use the connection manager to quickly change database connections.