The Report Viewer: View, Refresh, and Manage Crystal Reports

What is The Report Viewer Pro?

The Report Viewer is the easiest and fastest way for your employees to open and view live data from your companies Crystal Reports documents. The Report Viewer Pro allows users to open, view, manage, run, refresh, print, email, and export their Crystal Reports .RPT and RPTR files.

The software provides a fully customized user experience. Features may be added and removed. Users may use the software to access all their reports, or if you choose, only a predefined list of reports.

Once configured properly, The Report Viewer will open, render, and refresh any report that Crystal Reports can open and refresh. If you have trouble achieving the expected results, then please contact us.

Download Now for Microsoft Windows

Why Use The Report Viewer?

The Report Viewer Pro, when paired with Crystal Reports, provides for a complete and affordable reporting solution. Deploying Crystal Reports to each user is needlessly expensive and complicated. Instead, deploy The Report Viewer to your users who only need to view updated report content, and save money. Build reports using Crystal Reports, and distribute them to end users with The Report Viewer at a small fraction of the cost.

Who Uses The Report Viewer?

You will find our software in distribution centers, municipal government buildings, regional hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, and more. Anywhere you find Crystal Reports, you can also find a good use for The Report Viewer.

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